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Imagine paper and CAD
files in one location.
AerieLib’s web-based electronic library makes it easy to find, view and share your drawings from any device, anywhere at any time. Log into our secure server and find what you need in seconds.
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Improve your efficiency
View drawings anywhere
Clean up your archives
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Our experience
Aerie Engineering is a responsive and flexible engineering firm, with 15 years of experience, providing a range of technical services.

Our services include document management, knowledge management, process analysis, machine design and drafting, as well as software development and technical staffing.

We provide a service that is secure and reliable with flexibility to meet the users’ individual needs.

Cloud-based computing
Our approach
Is flexible to do as little or as much work as you need. Trained Aerie associates can add your drawings to AerieHub and in the process, organize, label, scan and re-file your prints. You decide how much support you need. Flexible. Simple. Effective.

Customize AerieHub to fit the way you do business. With minimal training, your team will be using AerieHub to search, view and share your valuable drawings.

We will work with your archivist, maintenance personnel, and your architects to get the drawings you need to make your AerieHub the best it can be.

We minimize risk...
Our tool enables a quick response time in crisis or safety situations. Schools and hospitals benefit through access to floor plans and critical documents from web-based devices. Seconds are precious. Prepare everyone to react in real-time, stressful situations by using AerieHub during an emergency.

We serve
Our customers and partners are schools, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, architects and property owners.

We guarantee our work!